How Our Power Up Mix Can Lead You On Your Next Adventure

Nuts and trail mixes give you a great boost of energy, and our packs at Power Up Snacks are always kept highly portable, so you can bring along your favorite bag on your next outdoor adventure. One may be wondering, though, “Just how will this snack keep me going for the long haul?” and the magic answer…

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The Many Health Benefits Of Almonds

Almonds are one of those healthy snacks that really offer a little bit of everything, and they can be eaten alone, as part of a mix, or even incorporated into a healthy meal! At Power Up Snacks, we know all of the many health benefits of almonds, and we think that these benefits are well worth…

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Getting Healthy With Walnuts

At Power Up Snacks, we know that there are many types of nuts that are beneficial to your health, but one of our favorites is walnuts. Not only are walnuts light, tasty, and easy to eat, but they can help your body in a vast array of ways as well, and by snacking on these yummy…

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