How Our Power Up Mix Can Lead You On Your Next Adventure

Nuts and trail mixes give you a great boost of energy, and our packs at Power Up Snacks are always kept highly portable, so you can bring along your favorite bag on your next outdoor adventure. One may be wondering, though, “Just how will this snack keep me going for the long haul?” and the magic answer to that question is all in the ingredients we use in our adventure-ready power packs.

If it’s heart and brain health you’re looking for, look no further than our Mega Omega trail mix. This pack is great for healthy on the go snacking, and a combination of walnuts, cranberries, dried mango, and pumpkin seeds gives you the Omega 3, antioxidant, and vitamin B boosts you’re looking for to take you on any adventure you may choose to seek.

If you’re hiking, biking, or doing any other type of workout to gain muscle definition and stay in shape, our Protein Packed mix has everything you’re looking for. Cashews and almonds give you the protein fix you’re looking for to stay full and treat your body right, while the cherries and raisins give the snack an excellent sweetness factor. As an added benefit, this pack is also vegan and gluten free, so it’s appropriate for all types of personal dietary needs!

For those looking to satisfy that sweet tooth while still paying attention to what you’re putting into your body, we have our Almond Cranberry Crunch trail mix ideal for getting that craving out of the way. This mix is far healthier for those looking to satisfy a need for sweets while still looking after their health and their waistline, and like all of our trail mixes, it’s ideal for all types of diets with its gluten free and vegan friendly properties.

At Gourmet Nut, we know how important it is to stay healthy and stay full, and our trial mix packs are great for staying satisfied while on the go.